Sunday, October 28, 2012

Doctor who Minature Models

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that if you play games with me every once and a while you will see doctor who models crop up as proxy in some of my lists.
When I started looking for doctor who models years ago it took me forever to find them, now with the new series getting more doctor who fans then ever I thought I would share the key model companies i use for doctor who models.

These dalaks are shapeways 3d printed 32mm daleks that fit into my Malraux sized range. I am currently using them as Wardens. Since I bought these models shapeways have come out with other dalek war themed models, including an empire dalek based of the new series. But for now I am happy with my three dalek wardens.

My flames of war friends will see me use my doctor who objective from time to time. I had a lot of fun making these objective markers, the tardis is made out of green stuff, the Doctor is a bailed out American crew member, the one nursing its right arm. After green stuffing a scarf and jacket my 4th doctor turned out quite well and was a lot easier to make then it looks, the hat is simply the helmet that was clipped to the right size. Well not something I bought but at 15mm I would encourage you to play around with greenstuff.

My tardis is from the black tree design miniatures, They have a lot of classic doctor who miniatures done in a scale that lines up mostly with 40k.  There line of models is massive and you can find just what your looking for, classic doctor who wise.

Next on my painting table is a model form the Heresy miniatures line of doctor who models, the 10th doctor. I just finished basing him so here is a photo from there website of the awesomeness.

  Well those are the main places I know where to find Doctor who models I hope this helps the Doctor who fans out there. Leave a comment below if you know of other sources of doctor who models that I didn't list.


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