Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting started.

Hi all Andrew here, I lost my info on my last blog and, well... my focus as well. This will be a miniature blog only with battle reports and the things that I have painted. So as a first blog I thought I would go over the games that I am currently playing and show off some of my models from those games.

First off my main game, Flames of War. This game is the game closest to my heart and of all the games this is the one I will never give up on.

I have loads of armies for flames of war but my main armies are Romanian, Soviet, US and British.

The next game my go 2 number two game is Malifaux, 

I just love this character driven game, I mainly play Rezers but I have allot of the other factions models save neverborn I don't really play them... at all. 

The next game I play is Warmachine, now I am not really a huge fan of the game.

 Its fun don't get me wrong its just geared towards power gamers and its all about movement and right combos. If you don't build your list just so then players who do will just crush you. Its not a game that produces gaming groups that are relaxed gamers who just want to have fun games, but more geared towards the hard core calculating gamers. I play the dwarfs since they are simple to understand and are limited models wise so its harder for me to get it wrong. Harder... But it is a game that I have a few friends who do play lighter games that i will game with and when i want to overclock my brain computing power i will try out a tournament .

I also play wings of war (sorry don't have photos for that) and another really cool pre-painted miniature game X-Wing!.

Both wings of war and W-wing are fighter games that are fun basic games though they play differently its easy to catalog them together. I am planning some repaints for both game so I will also post them here.

The newest game I got into is 40k.

I swore I would never play it but my friends were all starting new armies and I saw that there was a space marine army that had helmets that didn't look like pigs and were in fact cool looking, since they looked like knights. It did not take long for me to figure out that I had one of the top tier lists in the game so I'm looking to get into a different army so my friends don't always have to face grey knights every game we play.

This being the newest game that I am playing I don't have much painted for it so expect more painting blogs about my knights in the weeks to come.

So yeah these are the main games I will talk about though there will be others and possibly board games I wanted to start off with the main games that I will be writing about in me blog. 


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