Saturday, October 27, 2012

X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, Basic review of the game

One the the newer cool games I picked up this year Is X wing, though this game really takes me back to a younger me, playing the old computer game with the same name. X-wing feels like a mix of Wings of War and the Pirates of the Spanish Main.

The game is a fast pace game, where you take on the role of a commander of a squadron of ships to battle in space. The Rebels have to deal with being out numbered in most of there games, so they end up relying on upgrade cards and there pilot combos to make up the difference. The Empire has the numbers, they out number the rebels 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1 in most games. Most of the empire ships don't have shields and will not be able to take as meany hits as there rebel friends but they will have more attack dice per side then the rebel side making up for there low survive-ability rate.

The game itself is played with cards, miniatures, measuring sticks and dice. Each side starts the game off by picking what ships they will take by sorting though there ship cards and reaching a preset point limit. At the same time both sides will look at upgrade cards as well and choose what upgrades they think they will use in the battle. Once both sides have played a few games the Rebel player will notice that his upgrade cards are key to evening the odds, most notably his astromech droids are key one can even repair a ship to full health during a game.

The Dice in the game are unique and you want to have at lest 4 of each, so buying the dice pack is something you will want to do right away. On the red combat dice you have 4 results, the solid star is a normal hit and will score you 1 point of damage, the hollow star is a critical hit it two score you 1 point of damage and also allows that damage card to have added effects. They eye result is on both dice, this does nothing unless your pilot took the focus action and gained a focus point, this point can be spent when ether attacking or defending to change all the eyes into the normal hit or dodge result depending on what type of dice your rolling. The blanks on both dice are failures. On the green dice the arrow result is an evade result. When attacking the attacker rolls a set amount of dice depending on his/her attack value and the defender rolls its defense dice according to its defense rating.  For every evade the defender gets that player negates one of the attackers hits. I like games that let you defend yourself and this game dose that well.

For movement in X-Wing you have movement dials for each ship.Each dial has a movements that lines up with one of the movement sticks from the starter boxset. The players sets there dials in secret before the movement step happens.

 X-Wings in the game are your Rebel's main fighters so far, they have great attack value but are not as quick as tie-fighters. There shields and Droids make up the difference. Wedge is one of the best pilots they have and adding R2-D2 to him makes Wedge almost an unstoppable force to deal with.

Y-wings are the work horse of the rebels, it is slow but can take quite a beating before it goes down. It only gets one defense dice though so it can go down quite quickly. The Y-Wing so far is the only ship that can house the Ion cannon one of the most frustrating weapons for the empire to deal with since it forces them to move strait and as slow as possible the next turn.

Ah the Tie-Fighter. These fast suckers have 3 defense dice but unlike there opposition they have no shields, so those defense dice are all that is keeping them alive. The Tie-fighters are cheep but they have more costly hero's that really add to the strength of the lesser tie-fighters a smart use of there hero pilots and the lesser fighters makes a really strong tie-fighter force.

Last but not lest is the Tie fighter advanced these fighters are the only ship the Empire has so far with shields and apart form some bounty hunter ships they should be the only fighters that get shields. Darth Vader's ship is quite powerful, being that its an advanced and gets to use 2 abilities each turn makes him a force to recon with, but also target number one in all the games he is played in. Who doesn't want to say they shoot down Vader?

I really am liking the game, its a quick game depending on its size. I am in love with it at the 100 point scale. If you are looking for a new game and want something that is just ready to go this is a good choice for that. The game itself lands between the category of broad game and miniature game. I myself bought enough stuff so my friends could play with my stuff and we could just set down and play it like we would a broad game but the game also lends itself to customization and making set fleets and even tournament pay. Though the next thing i want to do is paint some of my w-wings from being yellow squadron to making them grey squadron, but that is another blog. =P


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  1. Welcome back to blog land Andrew. Nice review mate. Im loving x-wing especially at 100 points.