Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mouse Guard

Well at the gamer's grudge sale, this last Saturday, I made enough money to buy this at my local game store. My friend Tyler got me into the world of mouse guard through the RPG and soon after I got into the comics.

I also really enjoyed the Redwall series of books and this just fit right into that world.
But since Tyler joined the navy I have been itching to get back into this world but this time as the GM. I had one major issue, none of my local friends had the book, or the boxset, and it is really getting hard to find. Some places it is over 150.00$ for the boxset. I was lucky that my local store had it for 70.00$ or I would not have been able to afford to buy the boxset and Its kinda a must have for the game. The box set has the rules, Gaming aid cards, some themed dice (really nice ones) a GM screen, some mouse tokens and maps that are used in the comic (see below) and it had an expansion book that is only in the boxset. The rulebook on its own is about a 40-50.00$ book so its not too much more for a lot of cool game aids. The cards that come with it are hard plastic, they include weapon cards, status cards and combat cards. The weapon cards are nice because it allows players to not have to write down all the stats and just use the reference card.

Its an interesting gaming world to work with and it hit three major things I like in an RPG,

-1st Basic game rules so that they don't get in the way of the game,
-2nd Simple character creation that does not really lend itself to min maxing or power gaming (I am sure it can be done but its not that big a deal when done)
-3rd it has a stetting I really enjoy.

The setting is in a mid evil time period where the word is a bit different then the one we know. Mice are the focus of the game, you as a mouse guard maintain and protect the mouse towns and cites hidden in the lands, you do this by maintaining roads, protecting convoys and much much more. The interesting thing about the setting is that it has no magic and you as a character are not at the top of the food chain, in fact you one of the best source of food out there for the other animals. This sets up some epic fights agaist all odds, how does a mouse take down a snow owl? or a fox or even a bear! There is even other mice that are trying to take over power. It can seem odd at first, you a mouse, but it really opens up a cool world to play around with RPG wise and gives players new challenges as even something simple as rain could destroy whole towns since the scale of rain drops is massive. The small steam witch to us would be really small could flood in the rain and a whole town could be in danger when the stream becomes a real river size to us.

 The game itself has a simple pass fail aproch to making tests, you have dice that have about 50% chance of failing or passing tests. The snakes are fails and the swords and axes are passes. If you spend some of your fate points the axes gain you extra dice for a roll for each axe rolled, even if the new roll is another axe you get more dice. It can get to some epic results.

The game also lends it self to a back and forth type of story telling, if you as a player pass your tests you get to describe what happens to you, but if you fail then the GM will tell you what fates have in store for your little mouse.

Conflict settling be it augments or battle, gets solved with use of 4 actions. Each player involved choose to ether  attack, maneuver, faint or defend. These are chosen in secrete and are reviled at the same time, effecting rolls and the goal values that they have to pass to succeed.

All in all I really like the game and its set up. I was really lucky to find a copy at my local store for its retail price and I am glad Darin the owner of Imperial outpost games is such a good store owner and cares about his player base enough not to inflate his prices when things become rare.  Stay tuned if you are interested in mouse guard, I may end up posting some of the missions I write for the game if I can get a group going down here.  As for now I need to get through the rule book and get working on my first mission, I already got some really cool ideas for this one. 

It's not what you fight, but what you fight for! - Kenzie


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