Friday, November 2, 2012

New in plastic 2 Malifaux edition

First off I am sorry this blog is coming out so late, Wyrd forgot my order and I only just got my gencon order a few days ago, but it is nice that I am able to review these right after the flames of war models came out.

This blog will be about the models themselves, followed by my grades of grade-y-ness. First off this box set had no assembly instructions and the spure was all mixed up. I found it vary confusing at first, but I was able to piece the set together. Each of the pieces had a unique way of fitting together, so that you would be hard pressed to mess things up too much by guessing what goes to what. I would say that lack of instructions is a big fail, but I am not sure all there sets are like this. In fact I bought the Lazarus model and it had a nice detailed instruction sheet. I am thinking that due to the speed that they wanted to get these things out that the sheet was overlooked. 

   When building this box set's models don't go through and cut everything out. Pick a model like the totem or Ototo and one by one find the pieces that go to it and slowly cut the pieces out as needed. This slow construction helped me pinpoint what goes with what leaving me with some final bits that I was able to find a home for.   

The detail on these models are really nice, I really like the In action poses and the over all look of the new models. I also like where the broke the models up and how they glue to themselves.

 One of the issues for me for these models and its not really a major issue is how they glue to the bases. None of the models have the base insert like there metal counterparts to glue into the base to secure the model,  In fact Musaki and one of the Torakage only have one foot on the base, Musaki can be glued to the magic foot thing but the Torakage only has the one contact point. I ended up gluing the Torakage to a rock so that both of its feet were touching the base.

 It does scare me that weak contact points is a common trend in some of the newer malifaux models. The models look sweet but they are highly breakable. Some metal models have these same issues too like the new Bette nor and the Freecorps Liberian. There must be a balance between sweet looking models and stable more practicable models.

The next issue with the models is that they don't always fit the bases they come with, this I know is a more personal issue but the totem and one of the Torakage (as shown above) don't actually fit on the bases given. For the totem making it a bit smaller like 25-50% smaller would have been cool, in fact it would be more fox sized then large wolf for me. 

The totem itself is a scale thing for me, yes bigger models are sometimes cooler but step back and think about how much cooler (and Cough-cuter-Cough) it would have looked if it was half the size it is. The Torakage could have been a easy fix if they just made his stance a bit less wide, in both cases i fixed the issue with some cork board rocks that i had go over the edge. 

I just can't get over how much cooler the totem would have looked if it was allot smaller and less the size of a huge wolf. There may be fluff talking about how it was a huge fox but man it would have been cooler if it were the correct fox size.  

All in all though the good things about these models out way its bad qualities.

The detail is stunning and the movement of the models are great. There are some worries I have about some of the chains and the  hard plastic braking but the result of these plastics is far beyond any fantasy miniatures plastics I have ever seen.

So now lets get down to the grades

Price: B (all malifaux models are reasonably priced and lets hope it stays that way unlike GW models)
Detail  A
Construction B- (only for this box set, since it does not come with much needed instructions)
Construction on Lazarus A+
Innovation A+

So the over all grade is an "A". Great start for malifaux plastics. Lets hope there next go at plastics has more instructions, the models fit better on there bases and have stronger contact points. If they have all those things then they will easily score an A+ on there next review from me.

Tune in next time as we go into the time vortex on "Whispers form the last war"!


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