Thursday, November 1, 2012

New in plastic! Part 1

Two games that I play this year have taken there first steps into plastic models. Malifaux and Flames of war. Those who know me know I'm not a fan of plastic, but both games are improving the format. Though it is still early days for both, both games are changing my mindset on plastics for the better. In this first part I am going to go over the Allied half of the flames of war 2 player boxset and grade them using my new grading grades of grades.  Soon I will have part two up where I will go over the models i got from malifaux.

The new 2 player open fire boxset is massive (note the picture above shows 2 boxsets laid out not one) . My friend Nate and I got 2 boxes and split them up so that I got the Allies and he took the Germans. So I am going to focus on the Allies models for this review since those are the ones I have worked with so far.

The first thing that I noticed when picking up this boxset was the price, its a steal at 70.00 for what you get, each box has the following models,

For the Axis
 3 stugG, 2 platoons of German infantry, and a unit of 2 pak 40s

For the Allied
6 Sherman tanks, 2 Firefly Sherman tanks, and 1 platoon of US airborne.

The allied tanks alone in official flames of war models is worth well over 70.00. Buying the 8 Allied tanks themselves, at normal flames of war tank prices of 12.50 each will cost you 100.00 in total so money is really saved when buying this boxset.

On top of the models you get a set of dice for each side, carbord cut out tokens, a full rulebook, a nice set of carboard terrain, a small army book that covers the basic rules, both army lists and the free for all mission.

Now for the models themselves, I ended up getting two sets of the allied side of the boxset. I ended up with 16 tanks and 2 platoons of infantry.  While building the infantry I fell in love with the level of detail they have. The models are really nice to look at. It is clearly an improvement on there metal counterparts.

One of the new things that is fantastic about these new plastics are the slotted bases that the models fit in perfectly. I do believe that even the newer metal models from now on will have these new slotted bases and they will make basing soo much easier.

Now for the tanks, They are not as easy to put together as there resin and metal counterparts, there are gaps that need to be greenstuffed so keep that in mind when building them.

The detail level on the tanks are nice, I really like the way they look in the end. For there cost, the little bit of extra work that you put into greenstuffing and cleaning the models is way worth it.

Now for something that I really didn't like at first until i played around with it. The turrets don't plug into the tank as normal but use magnets. After playing around with it I really like the magnets. The turrets move around just fine and don't fall off due to the magnets, so it works really well and adds more to the value of the models in my mind. The only downside to the tanks is a lack of decals for the models, but those are easy enough just to go out and buy and at these prices I don't really mind doing so.

Gaming wise the box has most of what you need to play, all you need to add is a measuring tape and one of the flames of war artillery templates (for the US mortar teams).  The box has so many things in it that it feels like a board game, save the 2 things I listed above you could buy this and play it like a board game just using just the models in the box. For me the allied models are perfect to run the Irish guards tank company in "Hell,s highway" book, so I will be adding some more models to the boxset as I go along. I shall have some painting blogs on this army down the line as well so keep an eye open for that.

So the final thoughts of on the flames of war models is that its for there cost they are a massive steal. I give flames of war's first attempt at full plastic models an A+.
So for grades
Price: A+
Detail  A+
Construction B+
Innovation A

For those getting the boxset and those who are new to flames of war check out this really helpful page for building the open fire models and for those learning the game there are some great intro videos.

Next Time on "Whispers from the last war"! I think i hear ... Lightning?


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