Thursday, November 8, 2012

4 games in 2 days.

~So I am putting off the doctor who Card game review for a bit, It's player size is a min of 3 and a max of 4 players so its a hard game to get the right sized group to play. As soon as I play it I will review and post it so stay tuned in for that~

4 games 2 days. 

My friend Nate and I have played 4 games of flames of war over the last 2 days, swapping around our lists and playing around with our new open fire models.  We took a small brake from flames of war and played some of the other games for a bit, but once we got the new open fire boxset we started playing again. As soon as we started playing we started remembering how much we love this game.

(Photo Right, Nate, my opponent, commanding his Germans from his favorite medium tank, a Stug G!)

For our 4 games I was playing British. I just got two box-sets worth of the new British plastic models from the open fire box set. So In our games I was itching to play around with the British Sherman tanks in my lists. I started off with the guards tank list from hell's highway, went to Canadians in turning tide. I then tried the Reluctant Veterans variant from the same book. For the last list I settled on the Irish Guard Infantry from hell's highway.

Nate Wanted to play around with his German parts of the open fire box sets, like me he liked the tanks he got from the set and was playing around with adding Stug G tanks to his lists. He swapped between the Nuts book and grey wolf liking the German lists that were originally frond in Stalin's onslaught. During our games we learned the tank escort rules are awesome. In the last game he settled on an infantry list to get the right mix of platoons. Though I do not remember everything in his lists he always tried to have a good mix of tanks, troops and artillery.

We had a lot fun playing the games the first day we got in 3 games and we played with the winter rules form the nuts book, we randomized what rules we would use. Nate thought up rolling a D3 for the amount of rules we use, then we rolled that many D6s to see what rules form the list we ended up using.

One of the most epic moments in our last game on day one, was when all but one of Nate's stugs slipped on the Ice, on my turn I bailed 3 of them and had my ranged on marker for the next few turns. The HQ tank (the one on the left) got away. The rest suffered 2 turns of re-ranging in British artillery, mike target style attacks because of the massive amount of green counter's that attacked his tanks.

Now to my lists! So after Playing 4 games here is my revised British lists, AKA what I would run on a normal basis for fun (I don't really build tournament lists to win anymore because I have all the models I really want, so prizes don't entice me. In fact for the past 3 years I have been seeing tournaments more as a place where i can get 3-5 games in of flames of war in a row. And that is all I need to get me there.) Anyways back to the two British lists that I am liking, first off from Hell's Highway, A Irish Guards infantry list.

Company HQ
HQ 40

Combat platoons

Guards Rifle platoon 185
 (Full Rifle platoon)
Guards Rifle platoon 185
 (Full Rifle platoon)Guards Rifle platoon 145
 (2/3 Rifle platoon)

Weapons platoons
Guards Carrier patrol  100
 (1 Carrier patrol)
Guards mortar platoon 155
 (Full, 3" heavy mortar platoon, 4 tubes.)
Guards Anti tank platoon 155
 (Full, 4 6 pdr Guns)

Brigade Support platoons
Guards Armored platoon 390 (2 Sherman V and 2 Firefly VC tanks)
Guards Armored platoon 390 (2 Sherman V and 2 Firefly VC tanks)

This army is light on the artillery for my liking, but I wanted to try something new, most notably the tanks. I really like how this list worked out. I will have to play test this list out more but its a strong contender list with everything being Guards and Confident Vets.

The game that I played this list in went well for me. It was brake through, and the game swung my way after I was able to blunt the spear head attack of Nate's army and consolidated in enough time to welcome his flanking attack. The tanks make the list a lot less static and gave me a lot of table control that I would not normally have in my lists while at the same time not going to overboard on the amount of armor I bring.

The 2nd list I like panders to my Artillery needs. I was trying to find a normal confident trained British Rifle platoon in turning tide and was disappointed (for a moment) to find that I was not able to use my 25pdrs and my 5.5 together in a normal British rifle lists. So I went for the next best thing to a "Real British list" and took Canadians (or as a true British player will call it "Brand X")

And so the "Lorried" Canadian list.

Company HQ
HQ 25

Combat platoons

Rifle platoon 150
 (Full Rifle platoon)
Rifle platoon 150
 (Full Rifle platoon)Rifle platoon 150
 (Full Rifle platoon)

Weapons platoons
Carrier patrol  175
 (2 Carrier patrols with extra MGS on 2 and 2 that have a PIAT)
Anti tank platoon 110
 (2/3, 4 6 pdr Guns)

Divisional Support platoons
Armored platoon 290 (3 Sherman V and 1 Firefly VC tanks)
Field Battery Royal Artillery 260
 (With 8 25pdr guns)
Corps Medium Battery Royal Artillery 415 
 (With 8 5.5 Guns)
AOP plane 25

This list is an interesting list, with only 8 starting platoons the reserves become tricky meaning that I would only really start with 2 rifle platoons and all my artillery but on the attack this list invokes night time rules to get up close. This list relies heavily on mike target to clear the objectives while my main force is on it's way to them. Once deployed fully this list spans out to 11 platoons making me only take company moral when 6 of them are destroyed and that is a lot of work.  The two Eight guns batteries are really nice and really earn there points. This list has it all, and it is really balanced  I really like balanced lists like this but not all the armies in flames can do this at this scale. 

So after 4 games I am impressed with the British Sherman platoons, with the fireflies you can do a lot of damage on the heaver models and still have some Sherman V in there to cheapen the platoon point costs and add some support and fodder to keep your fireflies alive. 

-Andrew Haught 

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  1. These were hands down some of the most entertaining miniwargaming games I've had in the last year, 2 of them may have been absolute sweeps but they absolutely revealed strengths and weaknesses in my liste