Saturday, December 1, 2012

Repair work.

"To Arms my brothers! We received our long awaited air support but what is this? It is incomplete!"
"We must repair this quickly and let it light up the sky!"

Hi all again, well I got a stormraven in the mail that I been waiting for over a month, but unlike what I have been told it is missing allot of the key parts, so far from a "Complete model with all its weapons magnetized  as I was promised. I got a stormraven that is missing part of its canopy that attach the windows to my model. It was also missing its crew and to add to all the lies it was missing the 2nd auto cannon bit so it did not have all its weapons. It was also missing the top bits from the nose gun. I was not happy. I traded near retail for this thing and I got this model missing a lot of parts.  I really wanted this model and i can not afford to go out to buy it, or replacement parts. I deiced to set my skills on repairing it with bits and plastic-card I had laying around.  

Here is my results!

First things first replacing the crew, here the top turret gunner,

And here is the bottom pilot, not having legs I FDR'ed him and placed a computer panel in front of him hiding what would have been his legs spot. 

Next thing was to fix the nose gun, and try my best to make it so that it could still move. It was a simple fix, but it works and I hope it will look okay when painted.
Now to fix up the canopy bits so that the windows can fit and finish the look, this was hard, and it did not turn out as well as I was hoping but it will do.

Now to dry fit the windows.

So it is in working order now, I can glue the windows in once i finish painting the model. I don't think it will be hard to paint since it will mainly be silver.

 I got it to the point where i can play games with it, to the left it is the table my friend Nate and I played my Stormraven's maiden flight on. The game itself was a good test of the model. I am not sure about using the Stormraven as a transport Vs Tyranids,  there numbers made putting models in reserve in the stromraven risky. I almost lost the game due to not having as much firepower on the table as possible on turn one. In the end due to the Raven's Hurricane bolters and other weapons I was able to pull myself from the grasp of utter defeat.  The Raven is a must have I think in my list, it gives me a lot more firepower then a land raider and I found my grove with it moving 18 inches each turn. With its array of weapons I found it helped me with my low model count in the game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Well worth the time I put in repairing it and adds something that is a lot of fun to my grey knight list.
Well now that I finished this project my knights can get back to there important training! 

"This is the part you stab with men!"


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