Saturday, June 8, 2013

Its Hammer time!

It is a strange and undeniable fact that things in life happen, and we don’t always understand why. Dogs will bark at cats and ants will dig holes in the ground. In fact this writer has no idea why he stopped writing his blog, but he fully intends to rectify this now.

I thought I would restart this blog talking about one of my favorite warmachine armies.

Machines of war, or most commonly known as warmachine,  has been occupying my painting table and my gaming tables for the past few months. The two main factions I play are Rhulic (Mercs) and The angry elves (Retribution). Though if asked I would say I play Rhulic dwarfs, I know there technically mercs but I like to think of the dwarfs as an army unto themselves.

The army itself is considered non- competitive by most players, this is due to lacking key units and models to let it compete at the high levels. That I think is where the fun of the army is found.  If I hear that an army in no way is competitive this makes me want to play them and prove the concept flawed. I am not a competitive warmachine player but I do enjoy challenging lists and dwarfs do not lack in that department.

Dwarfs are vary strait forward as an army, they are also limited in resources.  The Rhulic models are slow and rely on high armor to stay alive, though in the game’s meta of lots of weapon masters and conditions this means that the armor does not do too much “saving” these days.  So I have learned that you cannot always rely on the high armor, but the units are relatively cheap and well rounded to make up for this in my opinion.

My favorite unit is the forge guard. I like the unit enough that I bought three full units of these crazy guys! For only eight points you get ten weapon masters with reach, um yes please. Add in defensive line and a great crit effect and you have a solid unit.  All that and I get all the MC hammer jokes I can handle. You just “Can’t touch this… Hammer time.”

In the same line of cheap effective models my favorite dwarf jack the Driller, prices out at 6 points of awesome heavy metal. It is the mix of heavy armor and it’s drill that has sustained attack that makes it the heavy hitter of choice for me. I know my friends all wish they had a heavy hitter as good and as cheap point wise as the driller, it is just that good.

All in all the dwarfs main weakness is a lack of options, but that is being worked on with a colossal on the books for later this year and a battle engine announced for next year. They are putting more resources in my favorite army then I could hope for. But there limited model selection has netted Rhulic with some well-rounded units, since we don’t have much what we do have is really nice.

                                                                         Man I want that colossal...

Up next a colossal improvement on my elf lists.  
Tactics and lists for how I run two of these bad boys. 

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  1. I think you need to paint more dwarves...

    Looks great, and welcome back to the blogosphere!