Friday, June 20, 2014

Since the Move.

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I been sorting out life in New Zealand and well I let it distract me from my blog for too long.

Come Mid-Late July I will have been in NZ for a year! And I thought I showcase what I have painted since I moved over, I do not have photos of everything so I will attempt to make a complete list at the end for those who are interested.

Flames of War

Painted flames of war
4 and 1/2 armies eachs 1500-1750 points
Finnish infantry army (with extras to make if fieldable in all three periods.)
Soviet Heavy tank army (Chruchill tanks)
Soviet hero Tank company (6su-100s and 6 SU-85s with support)
German King tiger army with AA and  Infantry support
Jagdtiger list swappable with my king tigers

Works in progress,
Amoured train
6 Pak 43s
12 Pak 40s
3 Volks grenadier units
Early war Finnish tanks
Late War Finish tanks


WarMachine Models painted
3 and 1/2 Colossals 
6 TAC Dwarves
6 Halberds
5 Merc Solos
An Iron Kingdoms RPG figure

Dust models

(repainted the blue cables back)

Dust Models painted
5 infantry units, 
4 heros
 7 Tanks/walkers
1 Captured walker
1 Tesla bunker
1 Custom hero

3 Infantry units 
1 Walker

107 zombie models, 2 heros and 21 units.

So Far since I moved to NZ I feel like I have painted a lot of models though I still need to base my dust armies. I think my next project is a Flames of War VolkGren army. 


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