Monday, August 10, 2015

Objectifying Flames of War Contest

I love seeing creative objectives, and I love when players really put the extra effort in their objectives, so I decided to help cultivate this practice by having a contest!

Create a creative objective; the more creative and well executed  objective (In my humble option) will win.

The Prize: The winner will receive a Signed copy of Colours of War and This year’s Tournament objective, Raising the Red Banner.  

Rules: Your entry must be a new objective created for this contest. The objective can be historical or non-historical, I am judging on both creativity and execution for this one. Everyone is allowed to submit one entry each, but you can summit an objective set if they both fit into the same theme.  I will be posting up entries, including the runners up and any honorable mentions in my blog.

Submissions must be in by 6th of September, and I will choose and post a winner on 8th of September.

Email your Submissions* here
*Attach a photo and make sure that the objective can be clearly seen.

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  1. For those who did not see my facebook post, This Contest was Canceled due to lack of submissions. I think I will wait a bit and try it again next year.