Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Endgame, Star Trek Attack Wing Solo Mission

Today I played through the Voyager solo mission "Endgame".
In this Solo player mission the federation player gets 75 points, they may only have one ship, and that ship must be Voyager.
The Borg gets 3 cubes and a sphere.
This mission is played on an 4 by 3 table. It is an odd sized table so I ended up using 2 Gale force Nine Game mats to create my playing space.

The storyline for this mission is that Janeway has come back in time to save Voyager. She convinces them to fly through Borg space to use a new Transwarp Conduit that leads back to the Alpha Quadrant.  She also brought back some weapons and hull upgrades that are used in this mission. The story progress and the current Janeway has a moral dilemma, she can use the Conduit to get home or destroy it to prevent the borg using it in the future.
In game terms this means there are two victory conditions, a minor one where you return home via the conduits or a full win if you destroyed the conduits.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Pokemon Project Extreme

So I have been working on a nonofficial, for fun, Pokemon miniatures game in my spare time.  I came up with the basic rules but I still need to develop cards and the rest of the game components. The game rules themselves are basic, and I hope are straightforward.

If there is enough interest in this project I would like to playtest the idea with my followers with the hopes to develop the game as a free to download and play miniature game.

In this game players will take on the roles of Pokemon trainers.
Players will put together their parties in secret and form their bench.

Players will reveal their starting Pokemon and their attached cards during the first turn. The players then will take turns taking actions and performing attacks. The game ends when a player's last Pokemon faints.

The game itself will let players generate their own Pokemon. So if the particular Pokemon you want to play with is not created yet, you can create a Pokemon card that will work as that Pokemon. These player generated cards can be used in both league and tournament play.

Free play
Free play is simple, players decide how many points they want to play and build their benches with up to six Pokemon.

Tournament play 
Tournaments are a bit more structured, players play 100 point games in hopes to become the very best, like no one ever was.

League play
This system will have a League format that will allow players to start with low level Pokemon and level them up as they play through the league, as well as letting them create themselves as their trainer card for the league.

My basic rules. 
Here is a PDF of the basic rules so far, like I said before this will be a free to download and play game, and it will not be official in any way. These are just the basic rules I intend to expand them in the future.

Here is the link below

Monday, August 10, 2015

Objectifying Flames of War Contest

I love seeing creative objectives, and I love when players really put the extra effort in their objectives, so I decided to help cultivate this practice by having a contest!

Create a creative objective; the more creative and well executed  objective (In my humble option) will win.

The Prize: The winner will receive a Signed copy of Colours of War and This year’s Tournament objective, Raising the Red Banner.  

Rules: Your entry must be a new objective created for this contest. The objective can be historical or non-historical, I am judging on both creativity and execution for this one. Everyone is allowed to submit one entry each, but you can summit an objective set if they both fit into the same theme.  I will be posting up entries, including the runners up and any honorable mentions in my blog.

Submissions must be in by 6th of September, and I will choose and post a winner on 8th of September.

Email your Submissions* here
*Attach a photo and make sure that the objective can be clearly seen.

Monday, July 13, 2015

How to use Artillery to get the girl and make friends.

This past year has been a blur, and I am sorry to say I have been incredibly lax on updating my blog.
Over the past two weeks I been in some great Flames of War tournaments and I thought I could ease back into blogging with talking about these events and my musing on tournaments in general.
The term Tournament is a loaded word in the gaming community, and it changes from player to player.  Some players hate anything labeled a tournament or competitive play and some only play games in such settings. While still others, like myself find both tournament and casual games fun.

I used to be a tournament focused player*, using my casual games as practice for the “bigger and better games” in tournaments. Though I still play practice games for tournaments, my mindset of what a tournament is has changed dramatically over the past 6 years.

I was so focused on tournament play that I was missing the basic fun you can have from just playing a game. By the time I moved to Arizona I was a casual gamer who like playing in tournaments for a bit of a challenge from time to time.  I meet up with my local friends and we played every game Imperial Outpost (our awesome local game store) had to offer (or vary nearly) and we loved them all. We played just for the fun of it, and it was revolutionary for me. I still played games to win but that was no longer why I played games, I played them to have epic things happen. To tell a story or just to try silly things out in games.

After moving to New Zealand I find my viewpoint once again changing. One major difference down here is that the game stores are tiny, and not at all suited to the amount of gaming I was used to. I now played at T.C.O.W. a gaming club that meet every other week and I normally got one or two games in each time. I immediately missed playing 3-5 games with Nate at imperial outpost every week and strived to get more games in.
One way to do that is attend tournaments, it’s the only way you can get lots a games in a day or weekend. So now I attend tournaments not just to play well and win but to get mutable games in.

So for me tournaments are no longer just about challenging myself.
Playing tournaments as mere a casual gaming event is not that easy, first off I had to be prepared to expect that my opponent will not see our games this way. Being a competitive player in the past, for me, it is not that hard to switch that part of my brain on when my opponent turns out to be a "win at any costs" type of fellow. At heart I am an instinctual player, I don't have grand schemes, I just make the decisions on the fly and they tend to work out for me. I am also very adaptable, and build my armies to be the same.

If I play against a laid back player who just wants to have a fun game, then I can easily switch off my competitive brain and just play a game. I just let my opponents attitude set the stage for what sort of game we will play. I hope for the laid back player but am ready to switch to competitive player.
At first I thought this attitude would mean that I would not rank high in tournaments, or that my opponents will see this mindset as a weakness and try to exploit it. Neither, as it turns out, is the case.
I put this idea to the test, at Wolfcry, a two day event where you play two different lists each day one from each of the major fronts of the war. I was not really wanting to play infantry my favorite type of lists so I switched to a heavy tank list, thought less models would mean quicker games and faster clean up. Had loads of fun, was completive with players who were and laid back with ones that were not. In the end I won third of the first day and second on the second day of wolf cry. My list was quite good for these events.

My next event was Panzershreck, this is a team tournament. My brother Michael and I teamed up as Allied players. This year we took just what we wanted to play, and we did not really care about its competitiveness in fact we went in expecting to lose most of our games. We both went in wanted fun memorable games.
Michael took IS-2 heavy tanks that are great in assaults but lack the rate of fire to really scare tank heavy lists and with only Anti-Tank of 15 they really could not hurt the kingtigers or jadgtigers armies. But it’s what he wanted to paint and play so that’s what he ran.
I chose Romanians for the same reasons. They are in fact my favorite army to play, there random motivation and skill add a bit of a gamble into games and since I am an instinctual player I find adding a bit of a random element to my games adds a bit of fun and a challenge to my opponents who never quite know what he is facing until I start rolling dice.

We played five games with this odd couple of a list and it worked, we played competitively with the competitive players and we were laid back with the players who were also laid back. During the tournament I never felt like I was competing more just playing a game and having fun. I thought we were not doing that great in our games but we were winning, a 5/2 here and a 4/3 there. We ended up losing only one game at a 3/4 but we had fun going down and it was a close game.
What neither Michael and I realized is that we were actually doing good. In our last game our opponents were playing competitively and were really thinking every move through, Michael and I followed their cue and did the same, it was a close thing, Michael was down to 2 tanks when we won the game.
The weekend was a blast and we got to play five games as a team with a list we thought was going to go down in flames vs any German heavy tank force (like the one I ran in wolfcry), but in the end we never had to play against them.

We were both surprised when we took first. I didn’t even know we were in contention. I think I could have figured it out if I paid attention to the posted scores and match pairings, but I didn't even look. It never really registered that we had a chance at the prize.

But that's just it, we went to a tournament just to have fun, we built lists that we felt like playing Meta be damned, and we just played the game.
Thanks to all players who made the weekend awesome and for putting up with my really bad puns over the weekend. Had loads of fun and am looking forward to next year!

Here is some more photos from both the tournaments

When I say competitive I don’t really mean players who are trying to win, I mean those who take winning a game to a whole new level. The type of player who will place his tank so that the only target they can hit is your only bazooka in a unit, or run the numbers to the point that they know the statistics of every roll before they roll them and so on. The type of player who is intent on proving they have a better understanding of the rules and will use them as a weapon to snipe, over think and exploit every loop hole or questionable action remarking it’s in the rules so it’s all good. This is not necessary a bad player but one that normally takes me out of my laid back lets have fun playing a game mode and into a “well if you want to play this game...” mode.

In the end we each play the games we play for differing reasons, just remember that in the end this is a game, and it’s about enjoying yourself and having fun, if you are not having fun try mixing things up.    

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A war to end all wars

This week has brought me a lot of new toys to work on. I got both my WWI Great War armies and the beginnings of a US Half Track lists with some impressive tanks to back them up.

The only question was were to begin! As it is with getting too many projects all at once I was immediately struck with apathy. The enormous undertaking before me seemed to sap all the energy I had and I quickly felt the call of computer games to distract me from my looming projects.

After an hour of remembering that I am not really good at computer games I returned to my models. Turning on a book on tape, I started to open and organize my troops. I decided to build my WWI Germans first since I just wrote an article about them for the Flames of War website.  Dos Article!