Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last Rhulic Musing before the flight to New Zealand!

Hi all Andrew here just doing some last minute things before I leave for the airport and I thought I would write a quick blog before leaving. What on? what else Dwarfs from Warmachine, I don't know why but these guys have been all that I been able to think about when it comes to blogs.

So lets talk army lists. The newest caster for Rhulic is Ossrum and he is a gem of a support caster, with spells like Energizer, Snipe and fire for effect its not hard to see why is is a useful model to have lead your army. The only weakness he has over the other two Rhulic casters is the lack of a str. spell but his other qualities make up for it.

Other interesting things of note on Ossrum is "Marshal Discipline"witch is really handy for movement and on his feat turn, and his feat. His feat is really good it gives +2 spd, +2 armor and pathfinder for a round to everything Rhulic, not bad. And even though getting into combat is not a good idea he does have critical decapitation on his axe, not bad for a crit effect.

Another nice thing that Ossrum comes with is his tier list, its really handy letting you start with upkeep spells, trench lines, extra movement on the battle group and one unit gains advance deploy. its all really good, and all for things you would normally run so its a win win.

So onto the tier four State of war Ossrum list

Ossrum +5
Gunner 3
Gunner 3
Driller 6

Ogrun Bokur 3
Thor 2
-Basher 7

Full Highshields 8
Herne and Jonne 3
Full Forge Guard 8
Full Forge Guard 8
Tactical Arcanist Corps 4

The basic list is all about getting the hammers into the position that they can do the most damage. The highshilds AD with snipe on them so that they can do some damage and really keep the enemy busy while the rest of the army advances. The Gunners hunt out any important UAs or Solos. Fire for effect goes on Herne and Jonne because its awesome on them, they go support unit hunnting, things like choirs or pain givers is there targets. Tac unit gets up there lays smoke if the hammers are in danger or just shoot things if they don't need the smoke. The forge guard or the hammers as I call them are just that, the hammer of the list, they get up there and smash what needs smashing and they are the real heavy hitting back bone of the army.

Dwarfs are really simple its all about smashing things and getting the charge off with the forge guard and that is what this list is really about.

Well its time to focus on getting ready to go, hope New Zealand is okay with a Rhulic loving, searforge playing warmachine player who really does not expect to win but to have as much fun as possible while hitting things with hammers.

    (not the above army just a photo of an army on the table.)

Cheers for now,