Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Endgame, Star Trek Attack Wing Solo Mission

Today I played through the Voyager solo mission "Endgame".
In this Solo player mission the federation player gets 75 points, they may only have one ship, and that ship must be Voyager.
The Borg gets 3 cubes and a sphere.
This mission is played on an 4 by 3 table. It is an odd sized table so I ended up using 2 Gale force Nine Game mats to create my playing space.

The storyline for this mission is that Janeway has come back in time to save Voyager. She convinces them to fly through Borg space to use a new Transwarp Conduit that leads back to the Alpha Quadrant.  She also brought back some weapons and hull upgrades that are used in this mission. The story progress and the current Janeway has a moral dilemma, she can use the Conduit to get home or destroy it to prevent the borg using it in the future.
In game terms this means there are two victory conditions, a minor one where you return home via the conduits or a full win if you destroyed the conduits.